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What support is there for program providers?

Support is available for program providers who are working to comply with the standards. This support includes:

  • A comprehensive practice guide examining practice issues in the delivery of programs and, in relation to each of the minimum standards, explaining what is unacceptable, acceptable and optimal professional practice.

Towards Safe Families: A practice guide for men’s domestic violence behaviour change programs [PDF, 2.8mb]

  • A suite of model policies, procedures and practice resources to assist program providers comply with the standards. These can be adopted directly or can be adapted to meet the needs and context of the program.

Assessment, risk and safety [Word, 627kb]

Clinical tools [Word, 667kb]

Debriefing and critical reflection [Word, 134kb]

Observers [Word, 170kb]

Partnerships [Word, 367kb]

Program participation [Word, 187kb]

Minimum data set template 2016.xlsx

  • A guide to registration, including the procedures for demonstrating compliance

Guide to Registration [PDF, 840kb]

Application for Registration, [Word, 200kb]