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​​​Review of the Minimum Standards in 2016​

A monitoring and review framework for the minimum standards was developed to monitor compliance and to review the standards.  The Department of Justice completed the review in December 2016. 

The purpose of the review is to ensure the standards remain current and relevant, supporting the development of a professional, ethical and growing sector.  

It is recognised that the men's behavioural change sector has developed substantially since the inception of the standards, and that current integrity in practice has evolved. There have already been a range of issues raised regarding the current standards, both limitations and opportunities and strengths that will be considered in light of the full review, and current context for domestic violence interventions with perpetrators.

New applications for registration and existing accredited providers

Any new programs wishing to become registered as meeting the minimum standards for men's domestic violence behaviour change programs in NSW is still required to comply with the standards as they currently stand. However, in the event of any changes in the current standards, services will be provided with a compliance time frame to meet any changes.

In addition, it is anticipated that all services who have previously been accredited will be reviewed on their compliance with any revised minimum standards to demonstrate that their program continues to meet standards, particularly as their programs, policies, delivery or partnerships may have changed over time.

Key timeframes and activities

It is anticipated that the review will be complete by December 2016. 

​​As such a range of consultation opportunities will be held with key stakeholders, and other interested parties which will commence in February and will continue until June 2016.

A key opportunity for written submissions related to recommendations for changes to any each standard will occur during April and May 2016. 

Where there are recommendations for enhancement of, or changes to the current minimum standards, these recommendations will be submitted to Cabinet for approval at the end of the review process. 

Services will be provided with a compliance time frame to meet any new standards.