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Corrective Services NSW interventions

Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW) is committed to driving down adult reoffending, which is a NSW Government priority.

CSNSW deliver a package of evidence-based programs and initiatives to address domestic violence offending behaviour, including:

Practice Guide for Intervention

The Practice Guide for Intervention (PGI) provides Community Corrections officers with the tools they need to be effective agents of change in their supervision of domestic violence offenders. It provides a structure for supervision through the use of simple exercises, allowing staff to deliver interventions in a timely manner to medium to high risk offenders.


The EQUIPS (Explore, Question, Understand, Investigate, Practice, Succeed) suite of programs address the criminogenic needs of offenders across the state. There are four programs in the suite, addressing General Offending, Addictions, Aggression, and Domestic Abuse. The EQUIPS Domestic Abuse program is based on a psycho-behavioural framework and has strong therapeutic influence in its delivery. It has a strong emphasis on inviting perpetrators to accept responsibility for their offending behaviour. It also encourages them to increase their level of accountability to the wider community.

High Intensity Program Units (HIPUs)

High Intensity Program Units (HIPUs) are delivering programs to domestic violence offenders on short prison sentences in seven Correctional Centres across NSW, to reduce their risk of reoffending. HIPUs also deliver rehabilitation services, programs and enhanced release planning to inmates serving short sentences for a broader range of offences. Inmates assessed as being at a moderate to high risk of reoffending are prioritised for participation.