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It Stops Here Safer Pathway


The safety and protection of victims and their children lies at the heart of It Stops Here: Standing Together to End Domestic and Family Violence, the NSW Government’s Domestic and Family Violence Framework for Reform.

It Stops Here Safer Pathway proposes a fundamental change in how agencies and organisations support victim’s safety in NSW. Through It Stops Here Safer Pathway, the right services are provided to victims when they need them, in a coordinated way.

The key components of It Stops Here Safer Pathway build on the existing service response. These are:

  • a Domestic Violence Safety Assessment Tool (DVSAT) to better and consistently identify the level of domestic violence threat to victims,
  • a Central Referral Point to electronically manage and monitor referrals,
  • a state-wide network of Local Coordination Points that facilitate local responses and provide victims with case coordination and support, being established initially in Orange and Waverley,
  • Safety Action Meetings in which members develop plans for victims at serious threat of death, disability or injury as a result of domestic and family violence, and
  • information sharing legislation that allows service providers to share information about victims and perpetrators so that victims do not have to retell their story multiple times, to hold perpetrators accountable and to promote an integrated response for victims at serious threat.

Transition arrangements until full implementation of Safer Pathway

Tackling domestic and family violence is a serious and complex issue that requires coordinated and careful consideration of service design and a robust change management process.

Because It Stops Here Safer Pathway proposes a fundamental change to the response to domestic and family violence in NSW, implementation will be carefully monitored to ensure the new model achieves intended objectives and positive outcomes for victims, before broader state-wide rollout to 28 locations over the next five years.

It Stops Here Safer Pathway commenced in Orange and Waverley in September 2014 and was rolled out in Parramatta, Bankstown, Broken Hill and Tweed Heads on 1 July 2015. This means that although information sharing under Part 13A of the Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007 and the Information Sharing Protocol apply state-wide, other elements of It Stops Here Safer Pathway, such as the Central Referral Point, Local Coordination Points and Safety Actions Meetings will not be available state-wide until new sites commence.

Where service providers outside of the launch sites make referrals for victims and share information under the Protocol, they may use existing referral pathways to relevant services that will support the victim. ​​

Skills Development Strategy

The Skills Development Strategy is a partnership between the NSW Department of Family and Community Services and TAFE NSW to provide education and training for frontline workers who deal with victims of domestic and family violence in NSW.

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It Stops Here

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