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Recent crime results show that major crime categories are stable or have fallen over the past few years however there are types of crime that remain a problem across NSW.

The NSW Government has committed to crime prevention in goal 16 of the NSW 2021 State Plan: to prevent and reduce the level of crime. Specific targets are to:

  • reduce domestic violence

  • reduce alcohol related assaults

  • reduce other personal crime by 10 per cent by 2015–16

  • reduce property crime by 15 per cent by 2015–16.

Planned actions to achieve these targets across NSW can be found on the NSW 2021 website.

Crime Prevention Programs (CPP), Department of Communities and Justice, leads the development of evidence-based policies and programs to prevent crime and reduce re-offending in NSW. CPP works in close collaboration with communities, government agencies, business and other service providers. CPP's programs are implemented through targeted measures, with an emphasis on the criminal justice system.