Resources: evidence-based crime prevention strategies

The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) was engaged by Crime Prevention Programs in 2011–12 to undertake a comprehensive and critical review of the relevant literature to identify effective crime prevention strategies suitable for implementation by local councils for the following offences: residential burglary, non-domestic assault, steal from motor vehicle, malicious damage, steal from dwelling, steal from person and steal from retail.

Crime prevention strategies for these offences have now been identified (based on the best available evidence) and resources have been developed to assist councils to carry out projects to reduce these offences in their local area.

Each identified strategy has three resources to aid in the planning and implementation of a crime prevention project:

  1. Fact sheet: briefly outlines the nature of the preferred crime prevention strategy and the context and locations where the strategy is best suited.

  2. Handbook: provides a step-by-step guide on how to implement each strategy. The guides are easy to use and contain basic steps with tangible actions for councils to carry out.

  3. Costing framework: a template for councils to calculate the costs associated with planning, implementing and evaluating the chosen strategy.

Table: Evidence-based crime prevention strategies for implementation by local councils



Fact sheet 


Costing framework

Multi-faceted strategies to reduce alcohol-related assault in entertainment precincts PDF (120KB)PDF (456KB)PDF (118KB)
  Improving lighting PDF (94KB)PDF (421KB)PDF (106KB)
Break and enter (dwelling)/steal from dwelling Access control and awareness campaigns PDF (106KB)PDF (446KB)PDF (173KB)
Malicious damage Access control, CPTED and education PDF (116KB)PDF (475KB)PDF (230KB)
Retail theft Providing information and assistance to retailers PDF (106KB)PDF (431KB)PDF (225KB)
Steal from motor vehicle CPTED and access control PDF (108KB)PDF (454KB)PDF (110KB)
Lighting and other improvements PDF (103KB)PDF (453KB)PDF (105KB)
Steal from person CPTED and awareness campaigns PDF (120KB)PDF (383KB)

PDF (195KB)