NSW crime prevention grants

Step 1: Develop a crime prevention strategy

Guidelines for developing a crime prevention strategy (PDF 159KB)
These guidelines detail the stages involved in the development of a local crime prevention strategy.

Crime prevention strategy template (Word 51KB)
This template has been designed to help local councils develop local crime prevention strategies and action plans.

Visit our Research and fact sheets page for more information and resources for developing your crime prevention strategy.

Step 2: Submit your crime prevention strategy for endorsement

Step 3: Apply for funding

To be eligible to apply for a crime prevention grant local councils must have:

  • a crime prevention plan currently endorsed by the Department of Justice as a Safer Community Compact in accordance with the provisions of Part 4 of the Children's (Protection and Parental Responsibility) Act 1997;

  • not already successfully applied for funding from Crime Prevention Programs this year; and

  • satisfactorily acquitted any previous Safer Community Compact grant from Department of Justice, or have complied with the terms of any funding and performance agreement that remains current.

Crime prevention grants are non-recurrent and applications are by invitation. The grants are provided to support the implementation of actions and activities within an endorsed crime prevention strategy.