Protecting Your Business

Protecting your business from crime will not only increase the long-term success of the business but will also make your business a safer place for you, your staff and your customers.

Retail theft

Retailers may experience a variety of crimes but shoplifting (taking goods without paying for them) is the most common and can have a significant impact on store profits. There is no profile of a typical shoplifter so they can be hard to be recognise and stop. However, retailers can help ensure their business is secure by following these retail security tips.

For information on how to reduce the likelihood of your business becoming a victim of robbery, shoplifting, employee theft and other crimes, please visit our Retail Security Resource page.


Businesses are potential victims of graffiti.

In April 2011, the Attorney General announced the Government’s new focus on responding to graffiti offences.

The Department of Communities and Justice has dedicated a range of resources addressing this offence. Visit our Graffiti Vandalism page for more information on the Crime Prevention Campaign Against Graffiti.


Quick Tips

Minimise opportunities for retail theft

Report shoplifting

Remove graffiti quickly