Retail theft

Retailers may experience a variety of crimes but shoplifting (taking goods without paying for them) is the most common and can have a significant impact on store profits. There is no profile of a typical shoplifter so they can be hard to be recognise and stop. However, retailers can help ensure their business is secure by following these retail security tips.

    Maintain clear views throughout your store

    Display your stock to ensure staff have a clear view of products most at risk of being stolen for example expensive and popular items.

    Approach customers

    Encourage staff to make eye contact and say 'hello' to customers entering the store. This can act as a deterrent to shoplifters as they do not want attention.

    Secure storerooms

    Ensure that your storerooms and staff areas are inaccessible to the public, such as needing a swipe card or a pin code to get in, and clearly marked as staff only.

    Report shoplifting

    Report shoplifting to the Police Assistance Line 131 444 so Police and Centre Security (if applicable) will get a more accurate picture of the amount of crime occurring.

    Use visible security measures

    Consider installing mirrors and/or CCTV cameras to help remove 'blind spots' in your store that are unable to be seen by staff. Consider the use of security tags on highly priced items.

    Lock up before you leave

    Ensure all doors and windows are secured and that the alarm is activated. Leave minimal amounts of cash on the premises and secure it in a safe.