Community snapshots

The NSW government funds a hotspot program for local councils which aims to prevent graffiti by using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) techniques such as community based art, integrated signage, green screening and enhancement of public spaces.

Below are some examples of how these techniques have successfully been used to reduce graffiti vandalism in different local council areas across NSW.

    Blacktown City Council

    Used a community art project to prevent graffiti vandalism at Mount Druitt swimming pool.

    Graffiti in Blacktown 

    Sutherland Council

    Planted vegetation in known graffiti hotspots to reduce graffiti vandalism and enhance the look of the public space.

    Planted vegetation in hotspot in Sutherland 

    Blue Mountains Council

    Used removable, multi-layered protective film on council assets to reduce graffiti vandalism.

    Image showing protective film in Blue Mountains 

    Newcastle Council

    Used landscaping along a graffiti-prone bike track to reduce graffiti vandalism.

    Image showing graffiti-prone bike track in Newcastle