Reporting graffiti

Anyone can report acts of graffiti vandalism against public assets, community facilities or private property. If graffiti vandalism occurs on your own property or a property you are responsible for, you should report the incident as soon as possible.

The NSW Graffiti Hotline (free call 1800 707 125) operates from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

The Hotline makes it easier to report graffiti in NSW, resulting in faster clean ups. Anyone can phone the hotline to report graffiti in NSW and callers can remain anonymous if they are concerned for their privacy or safety.

After receiving a report, hotline operators quickly send the information to the government agency or local council responsible for the clean up.

The NSW Graffiti Hotline also provides the Government with important statistics on the extent of the graffiti problem and the locations most often attacked.





Graffiti hotline image