What the NSW Government is doing

The NSW Government has made a number of commitments to reduce the incidence of graffiti vandalism in NSW.

New NSW laws relating to graffiti

  • Require young offenders charged with graffiti offences to appear before a court.

  • Introduce drivers licence penalties for offenders as an additional penalty available for the courts for graffiti offenders.

  • Strengthen Community Service Orders by requiring courts to order that graffiti clean up work be a condition of a Community Service Order for a graffiti offence where reasonably practicable.

The Government has also

  • Established a single state-wide hotline – 1800 707 125 – for the public to report graffiti in their community and get it removed (reporting graffiti).

  • Provided support for voluntary graffiti removal squads in local areas, in partnership with local government and communities.

  • Continues to work on reducing the incidence of graffiti vandalism in the community through the implementation of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) projects in hotspot areas in NSW.