Break and enter                

Here are some quick and easy ways to protect your home from potential break and enter offenders:

Secure your home, garage and sheds with quality locks

Always lock up valuables and equipment. Consider installing a high quality alarm.

    Do not give burglars a place to hide

    Keep plants trimmed and avoid solid fences so that your doors and windows are visible from the street.

    Make sure your valuables aren’t visible

    Conceal valuables such as wallets, keys and computers, so they are not visible from the outside. 

    Lock up outside

    Lock all gates. Repair holes in fences that provide access to your property. Lock your electricity meter box to prevent tampering with your alarm or lighting.

    Always lock up when you leave

    Always lock accessible doors and windows even if you’re just going out for a few minutes. Never leave fire doors, balcony doors, garage doors or other doors open. 

    Avoid leaving natural ladders around your property

    Remove items that can be climbed to access second storey balconies and windows. 

    Never buzz strangers into your building and be aware of garage tailgating

    Do not let strangers into your building. Never let anyone follow you through your garage or security door.

    Do not hide your spare keys

    Never give your keys to tradespeople or friends. Do not hide house keys in obvious places around your home.

    Install sensor lighting

    Install exterior sensor lights that turn on automatically when someone approaches.

    Mark your property for identification

    Engrave your valuables. Stolen items are harder to sell when they are marked. Property marking can also assist in recovering stolen property.

    Change your locks

    If you lose your wallet and/or keys, get a locksmith out to change the locks.




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