Mobile phone security

Top five security tips

  1. Handset. Always know where your handset is, and never leave it unattended, particularly in cars and public places.
  2. PINs. Use PINs to access your handset, voicemail, images and other personal information stored in the phone. Even if IMEIs are blocked, this information may still be accessed.
  3. Personal information. Back up information stored on your phone. Delete all personal information and data when selling or discarding your old phone.
  4. IMEI. Always locate and record your phone’s IMEI number. Notify service provider if phone is lost or stolen and have the IMEI blocked to render the phone useless.
  5. Buying mobile phones. Take care when buying second hand phones. Check if the phone has been reported lost or stolen by entering the phone IMEI at http://www.lost.amta.org.au/

For more information on mobile phone security, visit these websites: