Research and Publications

Crime Prevention Programs research and prepare papers and reports on a variety of issues related to crime in NSW. This page is regularly updated with new research and publications.

Background papers

Council fact sheets

The following fact sheets have been produced to help councils plan and develop local crime prevention initiatives. Some of the fact sheets explain different crime prevention theories and methodologies, while others are practical tools for developing crime prevention strategies.

  • Crime prevention through social development (PDF 115KB)
  • Displacement theory and crime prevention (PDF 98KB)
  • Environmental criminology and crime prevention (PDF 203KB)
  • Evidence based crime prevention (PDF 126KB)
  • Rational choice crime prevention (PDF 50KB)
  • Routine activity theory crime prevention (PDF 92KB)
  • Situational crime prevention (PDF 113KB)

Crime prevention projects

  • Monitoring and evaluating your crime prevention project (PDF 107KB)
  • Stakeholder engagement for crime prevention planning (PDF 515KB)


  • Waverley Theft Reduction Strategy Review (PDF 1MB)