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How were the standards developed?

In 2010, an extensive review of the literature regarding program standards for domestic violence behaviour change programs occurred, and consultations were held with program providers, experienced facilitators, policy makers and victims groups across NSW. The consultations identified aspects of effective practice in behaviour change group programs for men who have been violent towards family members, and explored how victims’ safety could be improved.

These ideas were developed into a series of principles that now underpin the standards.

The principles include:

  • The safety of women and children must be given the highest priority.
  • Victim safety and offender accountability are best achieved through an integrated, systemic response that ensures that all relevant agencies work together.
  • Challenging domestic and family violence requires a sustained commitment to professional and evidence-based practice.
  • Perpetrators of domestic and family violence must be held accountable for their behaviour.
  • Programs should respond to the diverse needs of the participants and partners.