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Addressing Domestic and Family Violence 

Domestic and family violence is a complex issue that requires a coordinated response to make change.
There are a number of agencies across the NSW Government that are working to address domestic and family violence from their areas of expertise. 

These include: Department of Education, NSW Health, the Department of Communities and Justice, and NSW Police Force.

Premier’s Priority for reducing domestic violence reoffending

The Premier's Priority aims to decrease the number of domestic violence reoffenders by 25 percent by 2023. The NSW Government has committed $687 million over four years (including $80 million in Commonwealth funding) in the 2021-22 budget to reduce domestic and family violence re-offending and support the safety of victim-survivors. 

This includes investment in large-scale, evidence-based interventions and testing of innovative approaches to build the evidence base for programs that change behaviour, hold offenders to account and increase victim-survivor safety. 

Domestic Violence Regional Strategy Groups (RSGs)

RSGs were established in 2017- 2021 to support the Premier’s Priority to reduce domestic violence reoffending.  The RSGs operated across four police regions with high rates of reoffending North West Metro, South West Metro, Northern and Western NSW.

RSGs provided a regionally based forum for agencies to work collaboratively on identifying and resolving issues and developing regional domestic and family violence solutions.