​Preventing or reporting crime

Communities, government agencies, businesses and service providers all have a role to play in preventing crime. Reducing crime and helping everyone to understand what they can do about it is a priority for the NSW Government.

The State Plan NSW 2021 outlines government commitments to preventing and reducing the level of crime to support the growth of safer, stronger communities.

In this section you can read about evidence-based policies and programs to prevent crime and reduce re-offending. You can also find out what you can do to avert crime at a personal, community and statewide level.

​Prevent crime

Find information about how to protect yourself and your surroundings from graffiti, card fraud, theft and other crimes.

Protecting your business

Protecting your community

Protecting your home

Protecting yourself

Protecting your vehicle

Information for councils

​Report crime

Useful information and contacts for reporting graffiti and other crimes.

Graffiti hotline

How to report a crime

Police contacts


Crime Stoppers

​Crime prevention facts, figures and resources

Find facts, figures and resources related to crime and criminal justice interventions.

About Crime Prevention Programs

Crime Prevention Issues

Fact sheets

Work and Development Orders

Crime information for NSW and local area

NSW custody statistics

NSW crime trends tool

​Life on Track

Life on Track is a voluntary service for defendants aimed to reduce reoffending by offering personalised support and case management to eligible defendants.

About Life on Track

How does Life on Track work

Participating in or referring to Life on Track

​Youth on Track

Youth on Track is an early intervention scheme that identifies and responds to young people at risk of long-term involvement in the criminal justice system.

The Youth on Track scheme

The need for Youth on Track program

Youth on Track Factsheet
[PDF, 128kb]

​Domestic and family violence

The NSW Government is committed to improving the justice system response to domestic and family violence.

About domestic and family violence

The domestic violence justice strategy

It stops here safer pathway

Minimum standards for Men's behaviour

Where to get help and support